The Process of selling your home!

Video 1: Provides an overview of the listing process & how your agent will help you determine the right asking price for your home.

Video 2: Explains to your client how you will design a marketing plan to ensure their home gets the maximum exposure required.

Video 3: Tells the client how you will help them negotiate to get the best possible price for their home.

Video 4: Outlines what your client should know about the closing process and how you can help guide them through this process.

The Process of buying your new home!

Video 5: Provides your clients with tips on organizing their home finances so they are prepared for their home purchase.

Video 6: Explains to your client how you can help them assess their needs and wants so they can purchase the right home at the right price.

Video 7: Outlines to your client how you can help them find the perfect home.

Video 8: Provides your client with an overview of how the offer is made.

Video 9: What your client should be prepared for on moving day and how you can help manage them through the process.

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